Dealing with Mom Guilt & 4 Ways to Let it Go

Being a mom is hard. Let’s just be honest about it. It’s amazing and joyful and fun and tender and rewarding. It’s also demanding, tiring, and overwhelming at times. We work so hard to be excellent moms, but sometimes we succumb to mom guilt anyway. Why does mom guilt hit so hard and what can we do to overcome the feeling that we just don’t measure up?

Why does mom guilt hit so hard and what can we do to overcome the feeling that we just don't measure up?

Too Much Comparison

Our ability to compare ourselves to other moms is at an all-time high. With social media running rampant in our every day lives, it’s no wonder we don’t see the merit of our work when we’re constantly watching how everyone else does it. We’ve gotten to a point where we subconsciously assume we can and should do anything we see someone else do. You guys, this is pointless and ridiculous! Our time is much better spent investing in our own passions and interests than trying to be good at everything. We each have unique gifts and talents for a reason. read more

How to Spend Your Time Wisely

Some days my house is spotless, but I’ve barely had a spare minute to do anything else. Other days are packed with fun, but our home looks like a bomb went off. Our family goes through seasons of busyness and periods of calm, and our days rarely feel perfectly balanced. Going through life as a family will always bring extra responsibilities and expectations into the mix. My mindset during this time: embrace the chaos, but don’t invite it in.

Spend your time wisely by making decisions that reflect your priorities.

Life moves in seasons

From the time babies are born, they constantly move from one phase to the next. Just as you feel that you’ve figured out one new behavior, they continue on to the next. A few days after we brought our first baby home, one of our good friends left us a hilariously encouraging message saying, “So right about now, your biggest question is: where the heck is the manual for this thing?” It was 100% true. Even at 6 and 9, my kids still go through periods that have us wondering how best to parent them. I have no doubt that some of the trickiest phases are still ahead of us in the teenage years. read more

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day Twenty : The Importance of Routine

There’s something comforting to most of us about a routine. We often have routines that are so ingrained in our daily life that we don’t even think about them. For instance, I bet you have a shower routine. I know I do. Every time I shower, I follow roughly the same steps in the same order out of habit.

Routines help us to be more productive and efficient because we know what to expect and how to balance our schedule accordingly.

Routines are especially important for kids. It is widely agreed upon that children thrive when they have a certain expected rhythm to their day. Since having kids, most of our days follow the same general pattern. We also work around unplanned and unexpected events when necessary. Our routine is a general guide rather than a strict schedule. read more

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day Eighteen & Nineteen : Sweating the Small Stuff

I know the popular catch-phrase is “don’t sweat the small stuff.” There’s a whole book about the concept of not worrying about the little things that don’t matter in the big picture. As a mom, my overall goal is to raise my children to become kind, loving, responsible adults. But in the day to day, my life is heavily focused on the minor details.

All those little things that moms do every day add up to the big successes in their families.

I want to ensure that my kids know they are loved, and to help them grow physically, mentally and emotionally. The small stuff in my daily routine is what adds up to the big picture for my family. At face value, doing laundry is about making sure everyone has clean clothes to wear. But keeping up with the laundry is also a way of showing my husband and children that I care. I’m teaching my kids that doing simple chores is a way of caring for others. read more

5 Tips for a Great Babysitter Experience

Every parent needs a little time off occasionally. Parenting is a joy and a privilege, but it’s also a lot of work. Whether it’s a break for yourself or time alone with your spouse, it’s smart to make time to recharge. If you don’t have family or friends that can help you, you’ll need to find a babysitter. Over time, I’ve discovered a few tricks that make the experience easier on everyone.

Prepare the Kids Ahead of time

Whether this is the first time you’re using a babysitter or the same old sitter who always comes over, it’s always a good idea to prep the kids. Let them know that someone special is coming to take care of them while you go out. My kids are young with a limited concept of time so I usually do same-day prep. Be sure to emphasize how much fun they will have while you’re gone. For a first-time experience or with a new sitter, I sometimes even provide a special treat. I remember loving babysitters as a kid because it usually meant pizza and renting a movie. read more