The Office Addition: Finding Hidden Space

One area of our house that could use some love is our master bedroom. The overall feel of our bedroom is comfortable, but unfinished. We made several basic cosmetic changes in this room before we moved in, including replacing the floors and painting, but it needs a more cohesive design. As it turns out, we have hidden attic space in our master. So before I focus on the bedroom itself, we’re working on a home office for my husband.

Here’s the master bedroom during our initial walk-through. (Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures before we started construction so the only way to show all the changes is to use these photos.)

That wallpaper was something special, I tell you! We replaced the carpet throughout the house with engineered hardwood flooring. Since our house was built in the mid-seventies, there are a lot of steps and multi-level areas like this one. We added railings after the first few weeks living here and almost slipping down these little steps during the night.

Here we are in progress…

Since then, we’ve had the railings stained and painted. I also found an area rug for under the bed. Recently my husband changed jobs, and now he works from home more often so we really wanted to create a dedicated office space for him. The house two doors up is the same floor plan as ours and has a little office behind the wall where the bed sits.

When you peek inside that lovely hole in the wall, you find about 10 x 13 feet of untapped attic space!

It certainly isn’t very pretty right now, but it’s going to be great when it’s done! Our contractor got the drywall going up yesterday and it’s so exciting to see it actually looking like a room. I can’t wait to share how this bonus space turns out! Stay tuned 🙂

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