The Whole30 Review

An honest review of the Whole30 including the ups, downs and why thirty days might not be long enough.

In May I finished my first full round of the Whole30! My first attempt last October was rudely interrupted by the stomach flu at day 21, so I jumped at the chance to join a friend that I knew would keep me accountable.

Self-discipline isn’t exactly my strong point so I knew it would help me to be in this with someone that wouldn’t give up the first time she was forced to pass on the bread basket at dinner.

Why the Whole30?

Did your mom ever use the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” when you were growing up? Turns out, she was right. When you fill your body with junk that has little to no nutritive value, your body doesn’t look or feel the way it could/should/used to. Note: this effect seems to increase exponentially if you’re over 30. read more

Natural Cleaning Products

Do you use natural cleaning products in your house? Here are some common items that can be used for safer. less toxic cleaning.

I’m working on using more natural cleaning products in my house. After years of employing antibacterial products, disinfectants, and bleach-based cleaners, it’s hard to believe that the house can be just as clean using far less toxic cleaners. I’m pretty sure it’s not a good sign if you feel a little light-headed after cleaning the bathroom. Now that we’ve got a little one crawling through the house, I’m paying more attention to what types of products I use. read more