21 DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is right around the corner! Every year, I see so many unique DIY Halloween costumes, and a lot don’t require a ton of crafting or sewing skill. My 7yo son is in the superhero/Star Wars/ninja phase that lends itself best to store-bought costumes. My 10yo daughter likes to get a little more creative.

I thought it would be fun to pull together some of my favorite DIY costumes. Unbeknownst to me, my husband bought my son a Black Panther costume, but my daughter is definitely eyeing a few options on this list. Here are some of my fave DIY Halloween costumes this year…

Disco Ball

This is such a cute and fun option for the little one that likes to stand out.


I love that this simple costume is made with items found at the dollar store. Cheap and easy!

Statue of Liberty

If it’s down to the wire and you’re still in need of a costume, this would be a cinch to pull together (and would work for an adult too).


White duct tape makes for a simple DIY costume that can be removed later.

Pokemon – AsH Ketchum

Of all the Pokemon-related costumes, this is one of the simplest I’ve seen. Your kiddo can carry around a Pikachu stuffed animal and call it a day 🙂

Smiley Face/Emoji

This is darling and would be super easy to customize to your preferred emoji facial expression.

Slice of Pizza

A hot glue gun would make this pizza slice a cinch to put together. Your little one could even personalize it with their fave toppings!


I was really pushing for Despicable Me as a family costume idea this year, but I couldn’t get the kids on board. Maybe next year!

Crazy Cat Lady

This cute costume had us all cracking up. The giant rollers are a nice touch!

Wind Sock Man

I think this is such a creative (and easy to DIY) costume. We’ve all seen these guys thrashing around in front of the Jiffy Lube!


If I was still in charge of my kid’s costumes, one of them would for sure be wearing this. So easy to put together and so dang cute!


Is this not the best robot costume?! Granted, it would take more work to make, but it’s so cool that it’s definitely worth a little extra time.

Han Solo

These next three costumes are for the little Star Wars fan in your life. I’m sure Han will be popular this year after the release of “Solo” this summer.


Star Wars definitely knows how to bring the female heroines into the action. Rey is a great character and this costume would be really easy to throw together last minute. There are even instructions for the staff.


Who says droids are boys anyway?! This is a fun spin on BB-8. (Side note: I love her Disney princess skates.)

Minecraft (Creeper, Steve & Zombie)

The Minecraft fan will go crazy over these easy, yet accurate costumes. The biggest challenge would be getting the right sized boxes!

Vending Machine

I must say, this is one of my favorites. It’s just not your typical costume. They were really thinking outside the box (see what I did there #pun intended).

Troll (Princess Poppy)

Trolls is one of my absolute favorite kids’ movies, and this Troll hair is over the top in all the right ways! Obviously you could customize based on your personal Troll preference. The instructions are detailed and the supply list is minimal, both pluses in my book.

Lego Ninjago

I’m a big fan of this semi-homemade lego ninja costume. No need to kill yourself trying to make the lego head when they sell masks, but the rest is pretty impressive DIY. You could replicate this idea with a lot of lego figures (Lego Batman, Emmett, etc.)


Other than the adorable beard and the axe, this is basically just normal clothes, which means your kiddo can wear them again. Maybe you don’t have suspenders just laying around, but they sell them in multiple colors at the party store. The beard definitely makes the costume though!

Lawn Gnome

I couldn’t find the source of this little get-up, but I wanted to include it because it’s so cute. FYI shorts and a white version of that lumberjack beard would make a great boy version. If your sewing skills are a little lacking, you can probably make it work with iron-on tape and a hot glue gun.

DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

source unknown

There you have it. Hopefully you’ve got some ideas for your own DIY Halloween costumes now! Which of these is your favorite??

DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

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A Wizard of Oz Halloween

I’m aware that it’s a week into November, but I have to share our Halloween theme before we’re too far gone. Right before Halloween last year I found some amazing inspiration from Brooklyn Limestone. Every Halloween Stephanie goes above and beyond with her amazing ideas. Unfortunately it was too close to the big day so I promised myself I would follow through the next year. So here we are all decked out and ready for some serious trick or treaters!

simple DIY wizard of oz decor

wizard of Oz halloween

I used a projector to focus images of the flying monkeys and wicked witch on black poster board. I  traced the images with white chalkboard pen and cut them out.

wizard of oz halloween
A Wizard of Oz theme wouldn’t be complete without the yellow brick road! Our yellow brick road was quick and easy with some yellow chalk (although I did have a major fingernail situation when I was hurrying to finish.)
wizard of Oz halloween
 Our yellow brick road led to the front door, which was wrapped in green plastic table cloths to look like the entrance to the Emerald City. A creepy sign was draped in cobwebs.
wizard of Oz halloween
Witch legs peeked out from under the house right near the front door. I scored those witchy shoes at a local thrift shop for $2.
And of course you can’t visit Oz without the ruby slippers…
wizard of Oz halloween
 I loved how everything turned out and it was pretty inexpensive. Now I just have to come up with a theme for next year!

Easy DIY Wizard of Oz Halloween decor makes for a simple and fun Halloween theme #diyhalloween

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Pirate Themed Halloween

I had so much fun setting up our Halloween decor this year! I don’t do much inside the house since the kids are still pretty young, but this year I took on the outdoor decorating. With the help of my sister, my plan worked out pretty well if I do say so myself (plus we got a lot of compliments from trick-or-treaters!) Our house was all about pirates!

A fun pirate theme for Halloween.

This guy was on our doorstep guarding his treasure. It took some coaxing to get him situated right but in the end it all worked out. The day was so busy that we only took a few pictures. My husband usually decorates outside with a bunch of random Halloween decorations. It was really fun to have a theme this year.

Our DIY Pirate Ship

Since you can’t see the doorstep from the street, we made a giant pirate ship out of cardboard boxes to set up in front of the garage. We had little skeletons clinging to the boat and lined the silhouette with white lights so it would be visible after dark. The trick-or-treaters loved our pirate ship!

A fun pirate theme for Halloween.

This is the best picture of the ship all lit up after dark and our little group of kiddos are sort of blocking it, but you get the idea. We lined the whole boat with lights, including the mast so you could still see the pirate flag at night. All in all, I like how it all looked and I’m already cooking up my plans for next year!

A fun pirate theme for Halloween.

You can check out our Wizard of Oz themed Halloween decor here.

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