One Room Challenge Week 1 – Girl’s Bedroom

I’ve gone back and forth about launching into another One Room Challenge, but I finally decided to go for it. My daughter has been asking to change up her room since the beginning of the summer. I casually mentioned in passing that maybe we should paint her room, and she’s since launched a full scale campaign. The ORC is the perfect opportunity to push through plans for an updated girl’s bedroom design.During this round of the One Room Challenge, I'm updating my daughter's bedroom with a slightly more grown-up design.My daughter is nine years old now and in the fourth grade. Overnight it feels like she’s started shying away from anything remotely childish. No more hearts or butterflies on her clothes. She wants to watch tv shows that “aren’t so babyish.” Most of all, she wants the space she calls her own to be as grown up as she feels. Excuse me for a minute while I have a complete breakdown. Though I would love for her to be a child for as long as possible, I also remember what it’s like to want to feel grown up, and at nine, there are only so many ways you can do that. read more

31 Days to a More Organized Life : Day Twenty-Five : Baby Girl’s Room

Welcome back to 31 Days to a More Organized Life! To see all of the posts in the series, click HERE. Today’s post will pretty much be all pictures since they basically speak for themselves. Organizing my baby girl’s room is a constant process. She’s only 4 so even with regular clean-up, everything ends up mixed up.

31 days to create a more peaceful home through purposeful organization.

The Closet

The closet is made up of a hanging section for clothes and cubes to store toys and games. The games were taking over…


I relocated the games to a cabinet on the back of the kitchen island, and it opened up a lot of space. We even have an extra spot open for overflow! The black basket took the place of the green bin to hold toys.


The Dresser

The top of the dresser was becoming the drop-spot for pretty much everything so I cleared that off and moved a lot of the hats to the new dress-up bin.

girls dresser before read more