The Office Addition: Finding Hidden Space

One area of our house that could use some love is our master bedroom. The overall feel of our bedroom is comfortable, but unfinished. We made several basic cosmetic changes in this room before we moved in, including replacing the floors and painting, but it needs a more cohesive design. As it turns out, we have hidden attic space in our master. So before I focus on the bedroom itself, we’re working on a home office for my husband.

Here’s the master bedroom during our initial walk-through. (Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures before we started construction so the only way to show all the changes is to use these photos.) read more

Our Kitchen

renovated kitchen

Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing something I’ve been meaning to post about for way too long… our kitchen!

We renovated the kitchen in our old house in 2012, which you can read about here. When we first looked at our new house with the realtor, we realized the layout of the kitchen was very similar to the old house before the renovation (small, cramped and awkward) and there was no way I wanted to move into a new house and have the same old kitchen minus all the updates!

Since we had recently been through the other kitchen renovation, we already had a good idea of some of the changes we wanted to make. I also took the opportunity to learn from a few mistakes we made when we renovated the other kitchen (e.g. don’t forget to plan a spot for a trash can!) There wouldn’t be any fun in creating a carbon copy of our other kitchen, so we also went with some different design styles along the way like Shaker style cabinetry instead of traditional. read more

Stone Fireplace Update

stone fireplace

I didn’t intend to take a five week break from blogging, but the holiday season really got away from me this year! In November, I shared a partial den reveal after I participated in the One Room Challenge. Due to scheduling issues with our contractor, the fireplace update wasn’t finished at the end of the challenge. Today I’m excited to share our brand new fireplace and mantel!

We moved into our new home in January, 2015 and have been staring at this beautiful concrete hole in the wall ever since. Pretty huh? read more

One Room Challenge, Week Five

Oh man. I can’t believe that we’re already at week five of the One Room Challenge. That means that next week is supposed to be the big reveal. I say “supposed to” because if this room is finished on time it will be a minor miracle.

If you’re here for the first time, let’s do a little recap. Linda from Calling It Home organizes the ORC, in which the goal is to completely make over one room in six weeks. Each challenge has featured participants (aka big bloggers) who take the challenge up a notch with help from designers and products they receive from sponsors. Then each Thursday, Linda hosts a link-up for guest participants (aka bloggers like me) to share the rooms they’re working on. read more

Five Fantastic Fireplaces

fireplace inspiration

Clockwise from top left: Source Unknown, Simply Inspired Design, ZillowThe Lilypad Cottage, Jenna Sue Design Co.  

If you’ve been following along with my One Room Challenge posts, you know that our fireplace is in need of a complete redesign. When we first had all the demo done in our new house, we knew that we would redo the fireplace at some point so we had the old brick taken out. We didn’t have a game plan yet so instead of rushing into it, we waited. And waited. And now finally, nine months after moving in, we’ve got it figured out!

The original fireplace was not at all my style and definitely didn’t fit with my overall vision for our home. (FYI this is the picture from our walkthrough before we bought the house.) read more