Wedding Planning ABCs

We’re now under 60 days in the wedding countdown! That means we’ve got a lot of details to manage so our big day is not a big disaster. I also want things done in advance and organized so that I can enjoy our wedding day. I thought it would be fun to share a breakdown of my wedding planning ABCs, aka the Alphabet Game, Wedding Style.

Wedding planning should be fun. Let's play the Alphabet Game, Wedding Style.

A- Appointments need to be made for manis/pedis and hair for myself and all my bridesmaids.

B- Bridesmaid gifts need to be completed. I can’t reveal these gifts, but they are handmade by yours truly and a bit more time consuming than I imagined (possibly due to procrastination on my part.)

C- Ceremony order has to be decided, including the who walks with who in the processional.

D- Dress is being altered and needs to be picked up in 10 days. Yay!

E- Emotional… that would be me, the bride upon seeing/hearing any wedding related show, music, etc.

F- Flowers are decided and out of my hands. Luckily I trust our florist so this is the least of my worries.

G- Gifts for parents and groomsmen need to be decided and purchased.

H- Hairstyle has been chosen and needs a trial run whenever I find a hair salon.

I- Invitations to the rehearsal dinner/baptism of Baby need to be ordered or made and sent STAT.

J- Jubilation is what I feel when I think about the fact that we are actually going to be married in less than 2 months!

K- Kiss, as in the first kiss… do we practice? Do we just go with the moment?

L- Lingerie for under my gown needs to be purchased.

M- Map of the country club needs to be put together for the welcome bags for out-of-town guests.

N- Nails- will I go with fakes for the wedding so that my hands look extra pretty in the pictures??

O- Officiant is going to be wonderful. I’m so happy that we already know him so we don’t have to worry about whether he will make our ceremony special and meaningful.

P- Payment schedule needs to be mapped out so we know when vendors need final checks.

Q- Quiche… not on the menu. Quail… not on the menu either.

R- Rehearsal order needs to be written and sent to officiant and wedding coordinator at the club.

S- Shoes are ordered and need to be picked up for modifications to be shown later.

T- Topper for the cake needs to be found if I think that would be cute and kitschy and old school and kind of fun.

U- Uphill… the direction I need to be walking on a regular basis to keep shaping up for the wedding.

V- Vows need to be determined. Traditional? Yes. But what version?

W- Welcome bags need to be designed and necessary items need to be purchased/made.

X- eXactly what was I thinking when I decided to wait until the last minute to finish the rest of the bridesmaid gifts?? I claim temporary insanity.

Y- Yummy dessert or cake needs to be decided on ASAP.

Z- ZZZs… I could use some!

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5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Without Going Crazy

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Five Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding

For the past year, I’ve been planning our upcoming wedding. Now I’ve heard that some girls…ahem… buy bridal magazines before they are actually engaged because the idea of getting married and planning a wedding is so exciting that they can’t wait. BUT once I was actually dating the Fiance, I refused to purchase a single magazine until the ring was on my finger.

In the months of browsing, hunting, researching and planning, I have definitely learned a few things and I’m not even finished yet. We still have three months and A LOT to do before our October wedding.

tips for planning a wedding

Here are five tips I’ve learned that make the planning process go more smoothly.

1. Do your research.

Thanks to Pinterest, there are literally endless options at your fingertips to make your big day special. You can do a lot of preliminary research online, and do the actual legwork in person once you’ve narrowed down your choices. The first option you find isn’t necessarily the wrong one, but it will help your mind rest easy if you shop around a little too. I knew that the first gown I tried on was “the one” but I still tried on several others. Seeing how the others looked confirmed my initial instincts.

2. Ask questions.

Lots of them. Particularly when meeting with vendors and visiting your venue, it’s important to clarify small details that can make a big difference for both the overall style of your wedding and your budget. In almost every online image of our reception venue, the chairs had white covers and it seemed like a nice touch that dressed up the banquet room. Then I found out that the most basic white chair covers were an additional $6 a piece, which adds up quickly. After looking at the banquet room chairs, we decided they were fine on their own and saved over $600 in unnecessary charges.

3. Double check every contract before you sign.

Actually it might be safer to triple check. While most quality wedding vendors pay close attention to detail, remember that while you are only planning one wedding, your vendors are most likely juggling several clients at once. Since they are only human, mistakes can happen. If you thoroughly check every detail of your contracts, you can hopefully avoid potential issues down the road.

4. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional.

If you let go of the idea that a wedding has to fit a certain mold, it will be easier to plan a day that will be meaningful to you and your future spouse. Thinking outside the box can make your day feel more personal, as well as help your budget. When one of my dearest friends was married, she took all of her bridesmaids to the farmer’s market the day before the wedding. Each of us was given cash and a vase to fill with a fresh bouquet for one of the reception tables. It was so much fun and gave her reception a unique and personal touch.

5. Be prepared to compromise.

When you factor in your idea of a dream wedding with that of your fiance, your parents, your fiance’s parents and your vendors, it will help if you can be a little flexible… unless your intention is to go into full on Bridezilla-mode. For normal gals who don’t want to alienate all their loved ones, it will help if you include others’ ideas, as long as you aren’t sacrificing something truly important. Flexibility is also key when you consider your budget, however big or small. Sometimes the ideas that seem so great in theory are not practical when it comes to cost.

naked wedding cake

photo from Style Me Pretty

Overall I think that planning a wedding is a lot of fun. I try to keep an eye on the big picture and remember the purpose behind all the details. When it comes right down to it, in ten years I don’t want people to remember our wedding because of the great food or the beautiful flowers. While I want the food to be good and the flowers to be pretty, I mostly want people to remember how much fun they had and how happy we were as we celebrated our marriage with our family and friends. I’m much, much more excited about marrying the man of my dreams than I am about the wedding.

What tips do you have for making the wedding planning process easier?

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