10 Days of Advent: Day Three

I’m having a hard time believing that we only have 8 more days until Christmas!! My kids’ last day of school was today, which means we have 17 days of vacation ahead of us. When both kids are home all day, the mess can accumulate very quickly. There are more meals eaten at home and there are toys being pulled out all day long, not to mention friends coming over to play and extra family members visiting. It’s a good time for kids to pick up some extra chores!

Bring the message of Advent home this holiday season. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as a family.

It can get really frustrating to feel like I’m picking up after my kiddos all day every day. During this break, I’ll be implementing a mini schedule to help everyone stay on top of the mess. It’s wonderful when the kids pitch in and do their chores, but it’s heavenly when they do a job without being asked. Does it still count if they get reminded to make the effort to do this first thing in the morning? Heck, yes! read more


Last week we went to the pumpkin patch. Not our regular pumpkin patch, but a big time, fancy-schmancy place that took 45 minutes to get to from our house. Forty. Five. Minutes.

We started strong. The drive was a little long but we had excitement on our side so there wasn’t too much complaining. When we arrived, it was busier than I expected. Then the nice lady taking our money handed us our tickets and told us the next hayride was at 1:00… two hours later! The web site stated that hayrides run every half hour, but she explained that they had a few class field trips that had reserved hayrides for their group. Umm, that would have been nice to know. I probably could have called ahead, but given that this was the tail end of two weeks of fall break from school, I was not bringing my A game to this adventure. So here we were with two hours until we could go on a hayride and drumroll please… NO LUNCH. read more

An Un-Pinteresting Backyard Carnival

I love Pinterest. I really do. It’s a beyond-amazing resource for just about anything. Bored with your go-to chicken recipe? Pinterest to the rescue. Looking for a less toxic way to clean the bathroom? A thousand pins on natural cleaning solutions are a click away. Planning a birthday party? Pick a theme, any theme, and then instantly get a hundred ideas.

But I’m not the first to point out that just past the Pinspiration lies the Pinsanity, that little voice that makes you feel that if what you created doesn’t look like something you’d see on the cover of a magazine, then it’s not good enough. read more

From Night Owl to Early Riser

.wake up early

When I was a sophomore in college, I spent a week as a nanny/mother’s helper for a large group of friends having an annual summer get-together. One evening after all the kids were in bed, my co-nanny and I discovered all the moms in the kitchen making s’mores in the microwave. (I totally get this now that I’m a mom.) I remember saying I was worried about having kids of my own because I’m not a morning person and kids seem to have the obnoxious habit of rising early. The universal response was that after a while your internal clock changes until you naturally become a morning person. read more

There Is No Two And A Half

At one time, those of us who are now parents were just innocent bystanders judging observing other people parenting their own children. We watched as they played with, dined with and yes, even disciplined their kids. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all had opinions about those parents and the job they were doing for better or worse.

Long before I had my own babies, I would see moms and dads do things and think “I will never do that with my kids” or better yet “my kids will never do that.” It’s not about being judgmental or self-righteous. I truly believed that I could do things differently. read more