10 Days of Advent: Day Five

The days are going by quickly now (obviously too quickly since I’m posting so late!) I don’t know about your house, but the anticipation seems to be growing by the hour. You can go back to day one to read about why I’m sharing ten days of Advent ideas, as well as catch up on any days you missed. It’s all about focusing on the reason for the season and spending time together with our loved ones during the holidays.

Bring the message of Advent home this holiday season. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as a family.

While most of us are enjoying the holidays with our family members, there are countless others giving up their day. Fire fighters, police officers, nurses & doctors, and EMTs are all working on the holidays to make sure the rest of us are safe. This season, let’s take time to say thank you. read more

10 Days of Advent: Day Four

Welcome back to day four of our ten days of Advent series! Each day I’m sharing a way that you can celebrate Advent as a family to help reinforce the true meaning of Christmas. If you missed a day, check out day one, day two and day three. I love sharing holiday traditions with my little ones, but I don’t want them to forget that the real reason for all the festivity is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Reach out to someone feeling lonely this season

So much of the holidays is about togetherness. We spend extra time with our families, travel long distances to visit, and cook special meals together. There are holiday parties to attend with friends, coworkers, or classmates. We exchange gifts and Christmas cards. One of the best parts of this season is being with those we care about, but for some people, the holidays can be a very lonely time. Someone who doesn’t have a family, who isn’t able to be with their family, or who has recently lost a loved one would see the Christmas season very differently. read more

10 Days of Advent: Day Three

I’m having a hard time believing that we only have 8 more days until Christmas!! My kids’ last day of school was today, which means we have 17 days of vacation ahead of us. When both kids are home all day, the mess can accumulate very quickly. There are more meals eaten at home and there are toys being pulled out all day long, not to mention friends coming over to play and extra family members visiting. It’s a good time for kids to pick up some extra chores!

Bring the message of Advent home this holiday season. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as a family.

It can get really frustrating to feel like I’m picking up after my kiddos all day every day. During this break, I’ll be implementing a mini schedule to help everyone stay on top of the mess. It’s wonderful when the kids pitch in and do their chores, but it’s heavenly when they do a job without being asked. Does it still count if they get reminded to make the effort to do this first thing in the morning? Heck, yes! read more

10 Days of Advent: Day Two

Welcome to day two of our ten days of celebrating Advent! If you missed the first post, you can find it here. Our family enjoys a lot of holiday traditions this time of year. We read our favorite Christmas books. We watch some of our favorite Christmas movies. We choose a tree and have fun pulling out all our ornaments to decorate it. Another tradition for our family is filling a box with all the toys and books our kids no longer need or want to donate to charity.

Bring the message of Advent home this holiday season. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as a family.

Donate toys and books to charity

Each year on December 1st, our elf arrives with a letter from Santa. The letter instructs the kids to fill a box with toys and books that they no longer use to share with children who don’t have as much as they do. It helps our kids to understand how fortunate they are and allows them to extend generosity to others. We explain that one of the ways that we show God’s love to others is by sharing with those who have less. We also use the experience as a springboard to talk about being thankful. read more

10 Favorite Christmas Books for Kids

If you’ve been around Sweeter Still for a while, then you know how much I love to read. If you’re new, you can check out some of my What I’m Reading posts here and here to see what I’m talking about. One of the traits I hope to instill in my children is a love of books. Christmas books are a treat for all of us, especially because we only take them out during the holiday season. Here are some of our favorites.

Our family loves to read together during the holidays. Here are some of our favorites.

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