One Room Challenge Week 1 – Girl’s Bedroom

One Room Challenge girl's bedroom redesign.

I’ve gone back and forth about launching into another One Room Challenge, but I finally decided to go for it.

My daughter has been asking to change up her room since the beginning of the summer. I casually mentioned in passing that maybe we should paint her room, and she’s since launched a full scale campaign.

The ORC is the perfect opportunity to push through plans for an updated girl’s bedroom design.During this round of the One Room Challenge, I'm updating my daughter's bedroom with a slightly more grown-up design.My daughter is nine years old now and in the fourth grade. Overnight it feels like she’s started shying away from anything remotely childish. No more hearts or butterflies on her clothes. She wants to watch tv shows that “aren’t so babyish.”

Most of all, she wants the space she calls her own to be as grown up as she feels. Excuse me for a minute while I have a complete breakdown.

Though I would love for her to be a child for as long as possible, I also remember what it’s like to want to feel grown up, and at nine, there are only so many ways you can do that.


The first thing we talked about changing is the wall color. The pink is so over. When we bought our house three years ago, I brought home some paint color options for each kiddo. My daughter chose the brightest pink possible.

To avoid complete overkill, we compromised by painting only the top half of the wall pink. The bottom stayed white, and I ran chair rail along the dividing line to give it a more finished look. The added bonus of this plan: we only have half the wall to repaint!

My daughter wants turquoise on the walls so we’re looking at some softer options. I think we’ll bring in some gray and coral with some fun gold accents. I’ll share some of the inspiration next week.

Closet & Storage

The closet right now is a whole situation. Basically we had a little bar for hanging items and my son treated it like a jungle gym and pulled it out of the wall.

This closet is 108″ wide and we removed the enormous, heavy doors when we moved in so it’s fully open at all times.

I really want a full closet system in here that can help organize not only clothes and shoes, but games and toys. I think it would be fun to add some sort of wall treatment with paper or paint.

Obviously we cleaned especially for these pictures 😉 There’s a sneak peek of the wall color we’re testing out.

During this round of the One Room Challenge, I'm updating my daughter's bedroom with a slightly more grown-up design.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, but we’re both really excited for the final result. Check out the other One Room Challenge guest participants here.

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The Office Addition: Finding Hidden Space

One area of our house that could use some love is our master bedroom. The overall feel of our bedroom is comfortable, but unfinished. We made several basic cosmetic changes in this room before we moved in, including replacing the floors and painting, but it needs a more cohesive design. As it turns out, we have hidden attic space in our master. So before I focus on the bedroom itself, we’re working on a home office for my husband.

Here’s the master bedroom during our initial walk-through. (Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures before we started construction so the only way to show all the changes is to use these photos.)

That wallpaper was something special, I tell you! We replaced the carpet throughout the house with engineered hardwood flooring. Since our house was built in the mid-seventies, there are a lot of steps and multi-level areas like this one. We added railings after the first few weeks living here and almost slipping down these little steps during the night.

Here we are in progress…

Since then, we’ve had the railings stained and painted. I also found an area rug for under the bed. Recently my husband changed jobs, and now he works from home more often so we really wanted to create a dedicated office space for him. The house two doors up is the same floor plan as ours and has a little office behind the wall where the bed sits.

When you peek inside that lovely hole in the wall, you find about 10 x 13 feet of untapped attic space!

It certainly isn’t very pretty right now, but it’s going to be great when it’s done! Our contractor got the drywall going up yesterday and it’s so exciting to see it actually looking like a room. I can’t wait to share how this bonus space turns out! Stay tuned 🙂

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Patio Plans

January marked two years since we moved into our house! I can’t believe it’s already been that long. We had a lot of work done before we moved in, and one of the areas that we focused on was our back yard. The yard was fine, but felt very compact without a lot of open space. We gutted the yard apart from three trees and started from scratch. One of our goals is to finish the patio area so it’s fully functional by this summer.

Our yard has been updated quite a bit and now we're focusing on the patio.

Looking into the yard from the kitchen door, you can see how little open grass there was. The retaining walls were a good 7-8 feet from the fence line and even more in some places. This raised wooden deck had seen better days. Although the tree with the circular bench was pretty, with two young kids, our priority was to have an open space where we can run and play.

Our yard has been updated quite a bit and now we're focusing on the patio.

This is the best picture I could find that looks from the yard back to the house. We liked the large patio area, but both the wooden deck and concrete had a lot of wear and tear. Fortunately we had a friend who helped us get a good deal on pavers and stone. We ripped all of this out and pushed the retaining walls way back to allow for more open grassy space.

Our yard has been updated quite a bit and now we're focusing on the patio.

We replaced the chain link fence along the back with a wooden fence since we face a dog park. The wooden fence provides a lot more privacy. It’s crazy to look at these photos and see how much our little ficus trees have grown, and how much the ground cover has filled in above the retaining wall.

Our yard has been updated quite a bit and now we're focusing on the patio.

The retaining wall follows a slope towards this side of the yard and bows out so we could keep the tree in the corner, the only one that actually changes color! You can see how much more open everything is now that we cleared out a lot of the overgrown beds and foliage.

Our yard has been updated quite a bit and now we're focusing on the patio.

The only picture I could find facing the house is from when it was being painted, but you can see the way we leveled out the patio and added stairs to accommodate the entrance to the kitchen. The door on the right opens into our den, which you can see here.

So what’s next?? We feel pretty good about the landscaping as it stands now. We added a little seating area in front of the door on the right with a love seat, two club chairs, and a coffee table. I’d love to show you, but we have all our outdoor furniture covered to protect it from the monsoon season we’ve been having here in southern California the past couple months. I’d like to replace our dining set with a slightly larger arrangement that can fit at least six people. We’re also looking into building some sort of pergola over the seating area.

I would love a scaled-down version of Rachel’s covered seating area at Maison de Pax. We would do wooden posts instead of stone columns, and a smaller size overall.

Beautiful yard inspiration.

I’ll be posting more as we move forward on this project. I’m excited to finish up this space so we can do a lot more outdoor entertaining this summer!

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Master Bath Refresh

Ever since the start of the new year, I’ve been on a cleaning and organizing streak. Between hosting over the holidays and the general busyness, our house felt like a hot mess. Cleaning helped, but also drew my attention to areas that really need some extra attention. As I focus on specific areas of the house, it’s helpful to have a plan to map out specific tasks. Today, I’ll share with you how I recently tackled our master bath.

master bath update | master bathroom | bathroom organization

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my sneak peek of one of our newly reorganized bathroom drawers. Our master bathroom has a good amount of storage, but was so cluttered that the drawers were practically overflowing. The cabinets were just as bad. After gathering some inspiration for organizing the bathroom, I figured out my action plan. I spray painted a bunch of plastic containers I had on hand and got down to business .

Step one: empty all drawers & cabinets

The best way to refresh a space is to start with a clean slate. By taking everything out of the drawers, cabinets, and off the counter, I was able to thoroughly clean the vanity. I could also see everything that was taking up space in the bathroom and remove all the things that were out of place. I pulled a handful of things aside for donation and threw out anything that was broken, expired or unneeded.

step two: deep clean

After emptying the bathroom, I wiped down the mirrors, countertop and inside the drawers and cabinets. I had previously covered the insides with contact paper because the vanity was looking pretty grungy when we first moved in. At some point, we’ll replace the vanity and countertop, but for now the contact paper makes it feel cleaner and brighter.

Deep cleaning and reorganizing the master bathroom makes it a much more functional and tranquil space.

step three: organize the drawers and cabinets

Once everything was clean, I started by arranging the plastic containers in the drawers for the best configuration. As I put like items together, I moved the containers around to accommodate the storage I needed. It took a lot of trial and error, but eventually I found the right arrangement. Now our drawers are so much neater and more purposefully organized. How about some fun before and after photos  to really show the difference?!

Deep cleaning and reorganizing the master bathroom makes it a much more functional and tranquil space.

Deep cleaning and reorganizing the master bathroom makes it a much more functional and tranquil space.

Deep cleaning and reorganizing the master bathroom makes it a much more functional and tranquil space.

I’ve been so happy opening my bathroom drawers and seeing everything in its place. My husband was literally speechless when he saw the results. I still need to install drawer pulls and find something to put on the wall between the two mirrors, but I’m so excited about this updated space already.

For fun, I’ll show you what this bathroom looked like before we bought the house…

And now…

Deep cleaning and reorganizing the master bathroom makes it a much more functional and tranquil space.

Simple, functional decor keeps the counter top pretty and free of clutter.

You can see where I originally posted about this space here. It will be really fun to give this bathroom a full update someday, but for now I’m much happier with it feeling clean and organized!


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How to Organize Your Bathroom

The start of a new year always makes me feel like deep cleaning and reorganizing. I’m always so optimistic that this will be the year that I manage to find the right systems of organization for our home. One of my major goals for 2017 is to get control over the clutter. One area that has been driving me crazy lately is our bathroom organization… or lack thereof.

Beautiful inspiration for bathroom organization.

We have plenty of storage in our master bathroom. What we need is for each item to have a home. Maybe then the drawers won’t end up looking like the lost & found bin at school, which we all know is pretty scary! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and seeing those beautiful pictures is so motivating.

I’m trying to keep this project low-budget so I’ve been searching for organization methods using items that I already have on hand. Here are some ideas to help get the bathroom chaos in order.

Drawer Dividers

Segmenting the drawers with dividers or containers will help keep items tidier. Depending on the number of drawers you have, each drawer can house a specific category of item, such as makeup or hair care products.

If you have fewer drawers, you can still divide them into sections with specific items staying together in separate spaces. The dollar store is a great source for cheap containers. Just spray paint them if they don’t have the colors you need!

make the most of the space under the sink

The space under the sink is usually a good size, but awkward to utilize because of plumbing. I love the metal shelving that Amy from Living Locurto used under her sink.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require installation, stackable containers will make good use of the space while accommodating the pipes.

Use the cabinet door

Bathroom organization has a lot to do with using your space effectively.

When you’re trying to make the most of the space under the sink, don’t forget about the cabinet doors. There are plenty of temporary and permanent options for adding extra storage to the door. Simple adhesive hooks would be a great way to hang curling irons or hairdryers.

Jars and Baskets

Using glass jars and baskets is a great way to organize your bathroom because there are so many options. It also makes visible storage more attractive.

Taking items out of their original packaging when storing in clear glass jars turns your storage into a part of your decor. That toilet paper looks so much nicer in the basket than it would if it was just sitting on the shelf. You almost don’t notice that it’s there!


Not only does labeling keep items in their proper place, but it can also make your storage prettier! I love these labels from The Creativity Exchange. You can edit and print them for free 🙂 This is another great example of using decorative jars and containers to make your storage part of your bathroom decor.

There are so many ways to make bathroom organization work for your home. By tailoring the options to your specific needs, you’ll help ensure that you’ll actually use the systems in place. I hope you enjoyed all this fun inspiration!

Check out our updated & organized master bathroom HERE.

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