How to Keep Your Car Organized

Simple ways to keep your car organized.

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Between running errands and shuttling my kids to activities, I spend a lot of time in the car. With small children riding in it, messes are bound to happen. However, there are a couple steps I’ve taken to keep my car organized.

Keep paperwork in one place

I use a small receipt organizer to keep important car-related info in one easy-to-find spot. One section is for the current registration slip, and another holds the current insurance card. I also use a pocket for emergency roadside assistance contacts. The envelope stays in the glove compartment so I know exactly where to find it.

It's important to have all of your car paperwork handy in case of an accident.

Be prepared for emergencies

I bought a small first-aid kit (like this one) that has some basics like bandaids, Advil, and antiseptic wipes. It’s small enough to fit with a package of wet wipes in the side pocket of the driver’s side door.

I also have a couple plastic bags and some paper towels for spills, sickies, etc. Our car came equipped with a jack and jumper cables, but if yours doesn’t, I’d suggest purchasing some.

Because we live in a pretty warm climate, I don’t keep too much else in the car for emergencies. If we lived somewhere cold or snowy, I’d recommend a couple small blankets, water, and antifreeze.

Tidy up regularly

I make it a habit once a week to deal with the trash, toys, etc. that inevitably end up in the car. Now that my kids are a little older (7 & 10) I enlist their help to do a quick pick up, especially since they make the bulk of the mess 🙂 Like most chores, doing it more frequently prevents it from becoming a huge job.

Extras for families with younger children

When my kiddos were younger, I always brought extra snacks for the car. Traffic jams and unexpected delays happen, and either situation is made infinitely worse by a hangry toddler. A hangry 7-year-old is no picnic, but they’re more able to understand the situation.

There’s a weird phase when you don’t really carry a baby bag anymore, but you’re not quite ready to leave the house with just your purse. For that stage, I highly recommend having an extra change of clothes in the car for spills, accidents, etc.

All of these small tips help me feel a little more prepared when we get in the car a hundred times a week. By keeping the car organized, I know that I have the essentials on hand.

How do you keep your car organized?

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