10 Days of Advent: Day Three

I’m having a hard time believing that we only have 8 more days until Christmas!! My kids’ last day of school was today, which means we have 17 days of vacation ahead of us. When both kids are home all day, the mess can accumulate very quickly. There are more meals eaten at home and there are toys being pulled out all day long, not to mention friends coming over to play and extra family members visiting. It’s a good time for kids to pick up some extra chores!

Bring the message of Advent home this holiday season. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as a family.

It can get really frustrating to feel like I’m picking up after my kiddos all day every day. During this break, I’ll be implementing a mini schedule to help everyone stay on top of the mess. It’s wonderful when the kids pitch in and do their chores, but it’s heavenly when they do a job without being asked. Does it still count if they get reminded to make the effort to do this first thing in the morning? Heck, yes!

Do a chore without being asked

I’m a mom of two young children so I’m used to delegating. I am totally comfortable telling them what to do and giving them tasks to complete. I do it all day, every day. So it’s such a nice treat for one of them to do something like pick up their room or clean up their dishes without being told. They’re young so it doesn’t happen very often, but part of my job as their mother is making sure they grow up into people who do things for other people just because. It’s one thing to offer (which is nice) but it’s even better to just get the job done so that someone else doesn’t have to do it. It’s an act of kindness and generosity that rarely goes unnoticed.

You can find the first day of advent ideas here and day two here. I hope you’re enjoying my suggestions for celebrating Advent as a family!

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