What I’m Reading: October 2016 Book Recommendations

I can’t believe that October is already halfway finished! The past six weeks since school started have literally flown by, but I’m so excited for fall and the holiday season. I’m always looking for great book recommendations, and mystery novels feel just right for fall days when you want to curl up on the couch.

Looking for some great book recommendations? Here are some of the mysteries I've been loving lately.

current favorite Mystery novel recommendations

Chief Inspector Gamache Series by Louise Penny

I’ve been tearing through this series centered around Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, the head of homicide in the Quebec police force. Rather than review each book individually, I’ll tell you why I enjoy this series. So far I’ve read A Fatal Grace, The Cruelest Month, A Rule Against Murder, The Brutal Telling, Bury Your Dead, and A Trick of the Light. I highly recommend reading this series chronologically. While each book focuses on an unrelated murder,  you understand the characters much better if you follow them in order.

What I appreciate about these mystery novels is the lack of grisly details that would keep me awake at night. Yes, there’s some element of brutality in the description, but it’s far from the CSI-style depiction of gory murders that seem to fill the shelves and the screen these days. My favorites so far have been A Rule Against Murder, The Brutal Telling, and Bury Your Dead. Each story is suspenseful and digs into the characters in a way that keeps you intrigued until the very end.

The Likeness by Tana French

The Dublin Murder Squad series is another that Anne Bogel strongly recommends on her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy. The first novel in the series is called In the Woods, but based on the description involving missing children, I chose to skip it. I really enjoyed The Likeness, and I so badly want this book to be made into a movie. The story follows Cassie Maddox, a former undercover agent for the Dublin police force, who unexpectedly joins a murder investigation. The victim looks nearly identical to Cassie, and her ID is that of an alias Cassie used during an undercover operation years ago. The police portray the murder as “attempted” and send Cassie undercover into this girl’s home and life.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

I found this book on a list of recommendations for adults who liked the Harry Potter series. It’s a whimsical mystery that I really enjoyed. The story follows Clay, a former web designer who takes a job in a peculiar bookstore in San Francisco. Clay soon learns that this is no ordinary bookstore, and he sets out on his own personal investigation to determine its underlying secrets. It’s an unusual story, but that makes it even more intriguing. Stick with it and you won’t be disappointed.

What are you reading right now??


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