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Each Friday, writers from all over focus on a specific writing prompt and write for just five minutes and then link up their contribution with Kate Motaung at Heading Home. The result of this collective effort is a rougher cut of each writer’s work with less over-thinking the topic and less editing, and yet the results can be highly intentional. This week’s prompt was Loyal, but since I was away on a girls weekend without my laptop, I’m posting my Five Minute Friday on Monday 🙂


I just returned from a glorious weekend in Palm Springs with three of my dearest friends. We spent hours floating in the pool, talking about everything… and I mean EVERYTHING. We laughed a lot, we shared a ton and we cried because it’s that type of a situation where you can be completely vulnerable.

These are the ladies who have been by my side through all the major and minor events of my life over the past 12-18 years. We’ve been together through break-ups, new jobs, losing parents, marriages, bringing babies into the world, and trying to raise children like we know what we’re doing. They have seen me at my absolute best and my undeniable worst. And they love me the same in either circumstance and everything in between.

These friends know me through and through and love me in spite of my faults, my shortcomings and my weaknesses. They support me through the crappy times and celebrate all the blessings with me. Their loyalty is never in question and I am so thankful to have women in my life who can walk beside me and never see me as not good enough.

In all the times when I feel less than, left out or lonely, what a gift to have friends who never leave my side.



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One thought on “Five Minute Friday… on Monday – Loyal

  1. ~Karrilee~ says:

    What a blessing it is to have friends like that! We spent the weekend with a couple of couples who have been friends like that for us –oh but what I wouldn’t have given to do it in Palm Springs, floating… although we do have a sign here in our small town that says we are the Palm Springs of WA – but I am guessing we are not! 😉

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