One Room Challenge, Week Five

Oh man. I can’t believe that we’re already at week five of the One Room Challenge. That means that next week is supposed to be the big reveal. I say “supposed to” because if this room is finished on time it will be a minor miracle.

If you’re here for the first time, let’s do a little recap. Linda from Calling It Home organizes the ORC, in which the goal is to completely make over one room in six weeks. Each challenge has featured participants (aka big bloggers) who take the challenge up a notch with help from designers and products they receive from sponsors. Then each Thursday, Linda hosts a link-up for guest participants (aka bloggers like me) to share the rooms they’re working on.

The first week was all about showing the before pictures (and the way befores when we did our first walkthrough of our new home.) The next week, I shared the basic layout of our den and a little about my plan of attack for fixing it up. Week three was a very brief update as progress had stalled a bit. And week four was… umm… a slow week.

In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have taken on this challenge if I had remembered that week three and four would coincide with our school’s two week fall break. Kids at home 24/7 doesn’t allow as much time for productivity around the house. We also had a little setback with the contractors coming to work on the fireplace. I’m still hopeful that it will be mostly done by next week, but it’s going to be a photo finish.

This past week was all about curtains. Because we have an open plan living area that includes our den, kitchen, and dining room, I wanted the curtains in the den to coordinate with what I have in the dining room since you can see both at the same time. I found these striped Nautica drapes on The colors are very similar to the dining room curtains but the patterns are totally different.

striped curtains

I really like the drapery rods we used in the dining room, but I couldn’t find the same ones. I found some that were a similar size in a silver finish and luckily we had a few extra end pieces. What do you call the piece on the end of the rod?? The knob? I don’t know so I guess we’ll go with that. Because the dining room windows are in the corner, I opted to connect them in the corner and forego the knobs so I had a few extras laying around. I spray painted the rods and the hardware and then we mounted them above each window with the leftover knobs.

drapery rods

Another issue with the windows is that they are set far apart and each window hugs the corner pretty closely, as you can sort of see in the pic above. Having two full drapery panels on each window was blocking a lot of the window itself and cutting down on the natural light in the room. Definitely not what I wanted. You can see in the before picture below how little space exists between the corner and the window frame.

den before pic

If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peek of the solution! I was really nervous but I cut each 52″ drapery panel in half. After finishing off the raw edges, I hung the two halves on each window and bam! Problem solved. The windows still have curtains, but they aren’t blocking the windows themselves anymore. I’m very happy (and relieved) with how they turned out.

den curtain preview

You can also see a peek of my new Craftberry Bush throw pillow from Society6. I love it!

Okay lots of work to do before this room is complete. Wish me luck!

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    • sweeterstill says:

      Thanks, Grace! I’m hoping to be able to post about the fireplace early next week. Fingers crossed it gets finished. Thanks for checking it out 🙂

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