One Room Challenge | Den Update

There’s a big project on my list right now. Our den is one of the spots we spend the most time in as a family. Since we moved in nine months ago, it’s been livable but not finished.

I really want this room to be complete in time for the holidays. As of now, we have no mantel over our fireplace… actually we have no fireplace either. It would be a lot more festive if we actually had somewhere to hang our stockings at Christmas!

Linda at Calling It Home is hosting another One Room Challenge, and I’m using it as motivation to get this project done in time for Christmas. The idea behind the ORC is to completely overhaul one room in your house over a six week time period and post weekly on the progress. Crazy right??

Luckily, the basic foundation of this room is already done. We repainted and put in new hardwood floors before we moved in. But don’t think I’m getting off easy here because this is our current fireplace…


Pretty isn’t it?!

I’ll share a few pictures of this room from our initial walkthrough and then one last picture of where it’s at now. You can see how far we’ve come and also how much more we have to complete. It will be a challenge but I’m ready!


The old fireplace reminded me of the entrance to an igloo 🙂



We repainted… the purple was a little bold for my taste. We ripped out the track lighting, the old fireplace and that ledge over the windows.

When we bought the house, there were three different types of flooring on the first floor. The hardwood creates a more cohesive flow between rooms. I love the color and tone of the wood, and it’s one of my favorite changes we’ve made so far.


There are a few issues I’d like to address in this room during this challenge, apart from the obvious fireplace situation. I’ll talk more about those next week. I hope you’ll check back in to see the progress along the way!

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