A Wizard of Oz Halloween

I’m aware that it’s a week into November, but I have to share our Halloween theme before we’re too far gone. Right before Halloween last year I found some amazing inspiration from Brooklyn Limestone. Every Halloween Stephanie goes above and beyond with her amazing ideas. Unfortunately it was too close to the big day so I promised myself I would follow through the next year. So here we are all decked out and ready for some serious trick or treaters!

simple DIY wizard of oz decor

wizard of Oz halloween

I used a projector to focus images of the flying monkeys and wicked witch on black poster board. I  traced the images with white chalkboard pen and cut them out.

wizard of oz halloween
You can see our yellow brick road (so easy with some yellow chalk although I did have a major fingernail situation when I was hurrying to finish!)
wizard of Oz halloween
 Our yellow brick road led to the front door, which was wrapped in green plastic table cloths to look like the entrance to the Emerald City. A creepy sign was draped in cobwebs.
wizard of Oz halloween
Witch legs peeked out from under the house right near the front door. I scored those witchy shoes at a local thrift shop for $2.
And of course no Oz theme would be complete without the ruby slippers…
wizard of Oz halloween
 I loved how everything turned out and it was pretty inexpensive. Now I just have to come up with a theme for next year!

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