Thanksgiving Kid’s Craft Packs

My kids have been a little restless lately. They’re a little harder to entertain. They’re a little more sassy. And they are driving their mama CRAZY. Time to do a little Pinterest exploration and find some activities that will not only help keep us busy, but get us excited for Thanksgiving too!

turkey craft for kids

One of my fave sources for kids activities is No Time for Flash Cards. If you want to do a project or craft or activity of any kind with a child of any age, it’s a great place to look. I found a couple for Turkey Day that I thought would be easy enough for both my kids (22mos & 4 1/2yrs).

Handprint Turkey


How cute is this?? The supply list is short and the prep time is minimal. Check it out in detail here.

Turkey Counting Craft


I put together the supplies for this one, but didn’t make the counting sheets. I’m not sure if I’ll just leave it as a craft or use it to practice counting. Either way, it works. Find the full scoop here.

paper plate pilgrim craft
I originally found this cute paper plate pilgrim craft at but the link no longer works 🙁  I cut out the pieces to be put together by my four year old daughter. She can also do the coloring and draw the face. I also designed a paper plate Indian since the story we read about the first Thanksgiving includes how the Indians helped the early settlers to survive.


Crafty ideas are great, but having the supplies ready to go at a moment’s notice is even better. If boredom sets in, it can take a long time (in kid minutes) to find all the supplies and do any necessary prep work. I did some quick and easy advanced preparation and now I have a few craft projects all set to go.

kids turkey craft

I traced a small bowl for the turkey body and drew the faces with a sharpie (try not to be too overwhelmed by my artistic genius) and I glued on the little red waddles so they would be authentic. I cut out a stack of multi-colored feathers that can be glued on to make an easy, but cute craft.
Hello, girls!
turkey craft cutouts
I cut a bunch of Christmas trees from green felt to be decorated with supplies we already have (glitter glue, foam stickers, etc.) I think my fancy four year old will really enjoy decorating her own mini trees.
christmas tree craft

How do you keep boredom at bay for little ones?

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