What I’m Reading: October 2016

what I'm reading october

I can’t believe that October is already halfway finished! The past six weeks since school started have literally flown by, but I’m so excited to head into fall and the holidays.

I’ve been reading a lot since summer. I read Still Life by Louise Penny and that sent me down the rabbit hole that is the Chief Inspector Gamache series. I think I’m on book 8 now! I’ve never really been lead to detective mysteries before, but since reading Still Life, I’ve been on a huge mystery kick, as you’ll see below. So this is what I’ve been reading the past few months…

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4 Simple Whole30 Meals

On Tuesday, I shared about my first two weeks doing the Whole30. You can read about it here. Today I thought I’d throw out a few of the simple but delicious meals that I’ve been eating these past 17 DAYS!!

My goal was to keep it simple and to make sure I could quickly prepare foods that I would actually enjoy. There are a ton of great blogs with Whole30 approved recipes, but sometimes it’s nice to just have some go-to meals that you can count on in a pinch.

whole 30 simple meal


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The Whole 30 – My First 15 Days


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had some pretty annoying digestive problems. My issues started to really ramp up in college where I would sometimes be afraid to eat in certain circumstances because I was afraid of having a digestive meltdown.  I learned certain coping mechanisms, but never made an effort to pinpoint the source of all these problems.

Although my issues seemed to have calmed down over time, recently, I started noticing that as much as I was trying to eat healthy, I was having more and more digestive problems again. A couple friends had posted on Facebook about the Whole 30 and I started looking into it out of curiosity. After reading The Whole 30 by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig, it felt like the right way to determine if a particular food group was the root of all these issues I’ve been struggling with, and at the very least it could help me kick some bad habits. So I jumped in headfirst and prayed the negative effects of dropping sugar and caffeine wouldn’t kill me!

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Five Minute Friday… on Monday – Loyal

Each Friday, writers from all over focus on a specific writing prompt and write for just five minutes and then link up their contribution with Kate Motaung at Heading Home. The result of this collective effort is a rougher cut of each writer’s work with less over-thinking the topic and less editing, and yet the results can be highly intentional. This week’s prompt was Loyal, but since I was away on a girls weekend without my laptop, I’m posting my Five Minute Friday on Monday 🙂

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Five Favorite Spots in NYC

NYC things to do

In June I got to take my very first trip to New York City!

I was fortunate to have a lovely weekend away with my sister and we had a blast exploring this amazing city. There is literally an endless amount to do, and with only four days, we tried to see as much as possible without running ourselves ragged. While not everyone would take the same approach, we both wanted to feel rested from our vacation and not exhausted from constant sightseeing. Don’t worry because we still did a ton!

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