Five Minute Friday… on Monday – Loyal

Each Friday, writers from all over focus on a specific writing prompt and write for just five minutes and then link up their contribution with Kate Motaung at Heading Home. The result¬†of this collective effort is a rougher cut of each writer’s work with less over-thinking the topic and less editing, and yet the results can be highly intentional. This week’s prompt was Loyal, but since I was away on a girls weekend without my laptop, I’m posting my Five Minute Friday on Monday ūüôā

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Five Favorite Spots in NYC

NYC things to do

In June I got to take my very first trip to New York City!

I was fortunate to have¬†a lovely weekend away with my sister and we had a blast exploring this amazing city. There is literally an endless amount to do, and with only four days,¬†we tried to see as much as possible without running ourselves ragged.¬†While not everyone would take the same approach,¬†we both wanted to feel rested from our vacation and not exhausted from constant sightseeing. Don’t worry because we still did a ton!

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Five Minute Friday – Lift

five minute friday

Each Friday, writers from all over focus five uninterrupted minutes on a writing prompt delivered by Kate Motaung at Heading Home.¬†The idea is to write for five minutes and post¬†without a lot of the editing that usually takes place before hitting the publish button. This week’s prompt is LIFT.


We talk about lifting others up in prayer. We are literally striving to bring them closer to God.

Lifting them, possibly when they can’t lift themselves.

When grief, pain, struggle, burden, illness, desperation or even some unknown internal battle threatens to pull them down, we lift them.

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The End of Some of It

I can’t sleep.

My mind has been spinning for the past hour and I feel very sure that it won’t stop until I actually write this down. I’m having my own personal Jerry Maguire moment. “I ate two slices of bad pizza, went to bed and I grew a conscience.” Well, not really, but you get the idea. I like to think I already had a conscience just to be clear.

I love this little blog¬†of mine, but man is it hard work for me. And I think I’ve finally realized why.

Because it’s not really me.

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What I’m Reading: July

book recommendations

One thing I love about summer is all the extra time spent by the pool and on the beach. It’s the perfect time to squeeze¬†in some extra reading. I’ve been on a book binge lately and lucky for my wallet, our local library has come through big time. If you’re in need of some great summer reading options, then you came to the right place.

Still Life by Louise Penny

Modern Mrs. Darcy put this one in the “addictive series” section of her annual summer reading guide and rightfully so. I’m already onto the second novel in this series of mysteries centering around Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, a lead homicide detective in Montreal. Still Life is a genuine mystery novel and what I really loved about it was that unlike so many others in this genre, it isn’t grisly. Yes, there’s a murder, but I was able to enjoy trying to solve the mystery¬†without disturbing images keeping me awake at night. The characters are well-developed and there is no shortage of clues to keep you guessing.

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